Remote Radio Unit Support Frames

Our Free-standing Remote Radio Unit Support Frames are designed to accommodate multiple driver units on an independent frame.

This eliminates the need to fit technology to any other part of the rooftop antenna support steelwork.

Our new RRU support frames have been designed with strength and portability in mind and no ballast is required. This has resulted in the frames being compact and lightweight meaning they can be easily maneuvered onto hard to access rooftop sites.

The frames are supplied with adjustable feet for leveling and neoprene rubber mats have been pre-applied to the underside of the feet to protect existing roof material.

The frames have also been designed to support multiple configurations of RRUs, including face and bookend mounted.

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6 RRU Support Frame (Book End Mounted)

6 RRU Support Frame (Face Mounted)

8 RRU Support Frame (Book End Mounted)

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