Windposts and Parapet Posts

Swann Direct is an approved supplier of Leviat’s Ancon Windposts and Parapet Posts, which are designed to suit your specific construction and load conditions.

They are suitable for use where standard AMR ladder-type masonry reinforcement is inadequate or when there is a requirement to split a large masonry panel.

Ancon Parapet Posts provide lateral restraint to masonry that projects above the main structure. They are designed as ‘cantilevers’ and include a substantial base connection to transfer the bending  moment to the structure. To ensure a practical base connection the posts are usually less than 1.6 metres in height.

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Ancon WP1 Windposts.

Ancon WP1

Ancon WP2 Windposts.

Ancon WP2

Ancon WP3 Windposts.

Ancon WP3

Ancon WP4 Windposts.

Ancon WP4

Leviat’s Ancon Parapet and Spandrel Posts are restrained by the brickwork and designed as ‘cantilevers’. The base connection will need to be sufficient to resist the ‘bending moment’ and may in some cases be difficult to accommodate within the floor construction. The height of these posts is unlikely to be more than 1.6 metres.

Parapet Posts

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