Masonry Support

Structures with brick, block or stone cladding on steel or concrete framed structures will normally be required to be supported by stainless steel Masonry Support systems.

Frame type, differential movement, type of cladding, masonry load and cavity width all need to be considered when selecting the most appropriate fixing solution.

View the wide and diverse range of Leviat’s Ancon Masonry Support systems in our product catalogue below.

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Ancon Optima is a bracket angle masonry support system. Systems comprise laser-cut brackets, two-step angles with pre-marked fixing zones and locking wedges to ensure the correct contact is achieved between the two.

Ancon Optima

Proven through thermal modelling to reduce heat loss

Brick support systems can now be supplied with Thermal Breaks to minimise heat loss through cold bridging, and improve the energy efficiency of your building project.

Ancon Thermal Breaks

Nexus brick faced lintels are designed to carry a single leaf of a cavity wall.

Nexus® Brick-Faced Lintels

Ancon MDC systems can be designed and manufactured to support modular factory made brick-faced units, where brick slips are adhered to either steelwork or precast concrete. The units are simply bolted to the underside of the prefixed support angle. This two-part process provides maximum adjustability, both vertically and horizontally, to ensure alignment.

Nexus® Brick-Faced Support System

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