Channel and Bolt Fixings

These sockets offer a simple solution to fixing into concrete for locations where adjustment is either unnecessary or can be provided elsewhere.

Leviat’s Ancon Cast-in Sockets should not be used as part of a lifting system.

Cast-In Sockets

FAZII High Performance through bolts are manufactured in grade 1.4362 (duplex) stainless steel. They have double expansion clips that reduce axial and edge spacing and achieve high performance even in cracked concrete. They fix into a hole which is similar to the diameter of the bolt. This allows the hole to be drilled through the hole in the item to be fixed.

This product is CE marked.

High Performance Bolts

FHY anchors are manufactured from 1.4362 (duplex) stainless steel and are used for fixing to hollow core concrete slabs. They require a 16mm diameter hole and are supplied with an M10 stainless steel bolt. The anchor is installed flush with the concrete surface and if it is positioned at a core, the sleeve forms a Y shape.

Hollow Slab Anchors

The SX8 and SX8L plugs are manufactured from high quality nylon and are resistant to weathering, ageing and rotting. They require an 8mm diameter hole and are suitable for use in various types of block as well as concrete. The fixing into the SX and SXL plugs is a stainless steel No 12 woodscrew.

Plug & Screw Fixings

The cartridge of a RA Resin Anchor contains a two-part system of polyester resin and hardener which mixes in the nozzle during pumping. The general purpose resin can be used with most materials including concrete, blockwork and brickwork.

This product is CE marked.

Resin Anchors

Stainless steel set screws, nuts and washers are available in a range of diameters and lengths in grade A2 (1.4301) and A4 (1.4401). Set screws can be shrink-wrapped and supplied complete with nylon washer to prevent bi-metallic corrosion when fixing to steel.

Set Screws

FBNII Single Expansion bolts fix into a hole which is similar to the diameter of the bolt. This allows the hole to be drilled through the hole in the item to be fixed. The single expansion bolt is a cost effective anchor, available in grade 1.4362 (duplex) stainless steel in a wide range of sizes.

This product is CE marked.

Single Expansion Through Bolts

Surface Fixed Channels

Corner Guards can be supplied plain-backed for surface fixing. Each face features two holes, normally located 160mm from either end, to accommodate the fixings.

As the fixing type is dependent on the substrate, the diameter of these holes should be confirmed with Leviat when placing an order. Leviat can supply Ancon fixings and advise on appropriate hole diameters where necessary.

Surface-fixed Corner Guards

T Head Bolts

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